We always have fresh bait available with refrigerated storage and a large coldroom to ensure our bait retains its freshness.

Maggots in various colours are always in stock along with a range of fresh worms. Other baits such as pinkies, squatts, casters etc are stocked on a seasonal basis.

A large range of frozen baits is always stocked for carp, predator and sea anglers.

When it comes to groundbaits there is an enormous selection with products from all of the leading manufacturers as well as plain and coloured crumbs.

Pellets of every size and type are stocked as are many particle baits i.e. hemp, maize etc either natural or flavoured and coloured.

Boilies are stocked from a number of leading manufacturers in a huge range of flavours and sizes in frozen and shelf life.

Additives are one of our specialities and an enormous range is stocked, ranging from leem for match angling to flavourings and dips for carp angling.

Discounts available on pre-ordered quantities of maggots and pellets